I've recently gone through a break up... I think, it's all complicated. I had to move into my mom's basement which is creepy, moldy from a flood and falling apart. my sister has a very loud toddler that bounces off the walls and it's extremely overstimulating. and I feel bad for feeling so overwhelmed and needing a silent calm environment. I'm constantly having panic attacks and feel like I'm slipping further and further into depression. my cat hurt her leg since coming here, a friend died.... when will this end. I just want things to go back to normal. I want to go back to.... him... but he's dealing with his own depression which he needed a break from being around people for. one second he makes it seem like we are still together and the other he says we're not. it's all confusing and I fear, given everything that's going on, I will lose it. I just want all this pain, confusing and panic to go away. everyday for last month. my heart wants to explode out of my chest. I dint really have anyone to talk to either. I love my mother but we don't get along and argue a lot. plus childhood trauma that I'm stuck reliving. there's so much more though. has anyone else delt with this?

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  • brit23


    You are not alone in feeling overwhelmed with all of this. I myself have recently discovered I have extremely bad sensory overload. My wife and I had to move into her parents house last may and it has not been the easiest as they are not the cleanest people. I can say so much about it. As for your situation you can try to clean up the mold with a bleach and water mixture and also put some plug in air fresheners in to make the space feel more at home and smell better! I'm not sure what else it's like but I'm sure there are ways to make it look a little nicer. As for the noise issue get noise cancelling headphones or simply just play calm music. Please feel free to DM me as I really know what your going through.

  • Sackmaster


    I'd say move on from him ik it's hard but if he keeps making you feel conflicted then he needs time away from everyone when he's done then talk like your meeting again also buy some noise canceling headphones and work on the basement keep yourself doing things so you don't get caught by your head

  • TLR


    I understand how you feel. The anxiety can get so overwhelming. I myself went through a bad divorce and many breakups. It's so hard to move on but sometimes we just have to. If he keeps stringing you along emotionally I would cut all ties because he obviously does not know what he wants and has many problems of his own. You deserve to be treated better than that. As far as anxiety goes recently last month I have just had many very bad anxiety attacks because my Step-son with mental disabilities lived with us and is very loud and obnoxious and has anger issues to the point I would get very scared of him. The anxiety was overwhelming. He moved to Michigan and I was very happy that I could get my anxiety under control with the right meds. But now he's moving back in with us just temporarily until he gets his own place. I was very depressed by this. I just have to hang on to my faith that everything will be okay. And nothing is really permanent. I just have to get through this and things will get better. I just play my music 🎵🎶 loud when he starts yelling and drowns him out. One of my anxiety triggers is loud noise. I hope you get strength to move forward with your life and me too.

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