is it normal to twitch or slightly convulse while concious/not having a seizure?



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  • T.rara


    If not, I need help. It happens to me all the time

  • sammiesam


    It is a lot of epileptic have uncontrollable muscle movements. my arms and hands always attend to twitch harshly ever since my first seizure.

  • nolagirl80


    My neurologist says it's normal, and he's incredibly reliable and well-educated. I believe him, but I wish he were wrong.

  • Nimbus


    It can happen before falling asleep and it’s considered normal. Have you checked that out?

  • bipolaredhead


    I hope it’s normal because I twitch all the time. My arms and hands the most. Occasionally, I will have a full blown leg twitch or something.

  • Kenzie_renea


    i have jme and my seizures are twitches and jerks. mine were always the same at the time. keep track of them and if it interferes with your life too much, it doesn’t hurt to ask about it!

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