There’s a guy in my 4th period that I sit next to. We’ve talked for about a week and I’ve grown to have a huge crush on him I mean he’s smart, nice, and funny. We have shared playlists of music and we connect over that. I want to ask him for his number but I’m nervous, any advice?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Sebby


    Rip off the damn bandaid, say "I wanna make sure we keep in touch"

  • Cici_Njuguna


    Just go for it. That’s all I can say. If you really like him, you can’t let him be the one that got away. ❤️

  • MissAl


    “It’s been awesome talking with you in class, but I’d love to swap numbers!” Simple! Easier to share more music, memes, playlists and whatever anyway 😅

  • vlynz


    this is so cute 😅 i cant give advice unfortunately but i always look back wondering why i didn’t just ask. and maybe it can go somewhere! best of luck :)

  • alexam


    i’ve always just played it cool and would do something along, let me send you this playlist/video/etc. then get their number/social lmaoo

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