i feel like i am going crazy, like actually, i truly feel like everyone is against me right now, i feel so overwhelmed with school and home chores and love drama, i haven’t done any school work and it’s been hard for me to do house chores for the longest time, but lately it feels worse, and i sometimes get urges to over dose on pills, and become admitted to a mental hospital. i done know how to control anything right now, it feels like everything is crashing down… what do i do… i really need guidance right now


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  • Rvythia


    oh hon, i've been there. i still have moments where everything is so unclear with love. something to remember is that putting yourself away for love of any kind will tear you apart. it can make you feel unlovable and not being able to connect with others. you come first and your well being matters first. it sounds selfish, but without taking care and loving yourself, you can't love others. a great way to stay above water with chores is to set a timer for 30 minutes or an hour and clean what you can. then when that time is up you take a break for a little while or be done. then you're not draining yourself by needing to complete everything all at once. helps not to be overwhelmed. little bits at a time is all it takes. setting small achievable and realistic goals for yourself will help you get there! i believe in you and you're doing the best you can! 🤍 (i don't completely understand what you're going through but i hope that helps you a little bit)

  • Astriya


    I literally was going through this in March... I'm so sorry to hear that..

  • loveshespoke


    Please do not take pills, because no one knows how much to take to *just land themselves in the hospital. Chores are a big source of stress for me, too. Message me if you'd like to talk.

  • Bruce_Wayne


    Im sorry i dont have much good advice but i can absolutely relate to what youre feeling if thats at all comforting.

  • Maddawg


    My phone and my discord friends are my comfort. Join communities on discord or amino of a common interest to get some people around you to make you feel like some one has your back. I agree with the person who suggested setting a timer for 30 minutes and see what you can get done. I also suggest setting really easy goals for yourself. Like stuff you already do for a majority of the week. I really struggle with hygiene and I would set goals like “brush my teeth at least once this week” or “do 5-10 minutes of homework” getting some credit is WAY better than getting none. As for the love drama, just temporarily ghost the other person/people involved while you work on this stuff you want to get done. As people say, drama isn’t worth the time anyway. Leaving the people who made me feel left out and inadequate was the BEST thing for me. Let me know if any of this help and what doesn’t help so I can better tune my advice for you XOXO

  • zytch


    going through this right now, i feel you, please don’t do pills, it ended up making me worse

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