I’ve been struggling to find a good psychiatrist that specializes in mood and personality disorders, but no one responds to me. Or if they do, they say they’ll get back to me in a few months and I’m just stuck waiting. I did betterhelp for a little but even my counselor on there told me I should seek real psychiatry. It’s so hard to find real help when you need it.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • draco


    i agree:( im so sad i cant help you because im stuck in the same situation, also with my autism and ABA therapy, and also stuck never ever finding any DBT therapy, when promised they will put me in it. finding therapy and finding real help that will actually help you is so much harder than it should be. i hope you will find real help someday, and im sorry you don't have it now.

  • Stephanie96


    Most times we are ignored because of our BPD. I always feel like nobody listens to me

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