how do you deal with awkward situations and keeping/ starting a conversation?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • LittleEmm


    Personally, sometimes I don’t lol. I try my best, but small talk is not always my thing, especially if I’m anxious and cannot even look someone in the eyes! I try to find common interests if I’m forced to talk for awhile and I feel uncomfortable or anxious. Even if it’s types of coffee you like, or music genres, just try to find a common ground so that you can have continual natural conversations.

  • Slyphx


    For me, I usually try to find some common interest. An example nay be what is on the TV at the time or how the weather is. However, if the awkward feeling I still there or feel it's getting worse, I would say it's best to drop it.

  • Mandapaints


    I’m very social. The best advice I could give you is to just remember people like to talk about themselves. So if you are somebody who doesn’t like to have conversation , ask somebody about themselves and just listen🥰

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