How do you know if you actually have ptsd? Everyone says I do, but I don't/don't want to believe it.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • Kitten


    If you dont want to believe you have it then nothing will convince you otherwise. If an official diagnosis will help, then a psychiatrist or psychologist. Otherwise, it's a matter of figuring it out yourself when you're ready.

  • fishie01


    As Kitten stated, a psychiatrist or psychologist can diagnose mental disorders. They do so by identifying any symptoms of said disorder. You've stated you don't believe & don't want to believe you have PTSD. I would encourage you to think about why you don't want to believe it. Is it stigma, fear of treatment, etc. There are people, like me, who have PTSD & have for some time now... & we can answer any questions you have. PTSD is the result of trauma. Some traumas, we can easily move past & do not develop PTSD. Other traumas may cause long-term effects. Being diagnosed allows you to receive treatment, whether that be therapy &/or medication. If you are concerned about/disturbed by your emotions, memories, intrusive thoughts, reaction to memories of the trauma, then seeking a diagnosis can help you manage & cope with those concerns. Best of luck

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