my depression had begun to cause issues in my relationship since I can no longer afford therapy and am not on any medications. I could use some advice on anything you think might help.


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  • stuntinginmysweater


    Some states will offer free assistance with mental health services I'd definitely google and see what yours offers

  • kay1519


    I also found exercising and just walking in nature helped me when I was med free.

  • romdam


    I think just finding someone to talk with would help. I've been battling this for years and I can't find anyone who understands any of it. I'm always available to chat

  • Bureizu


    Talk to your partner (or if you are no longer with them, a close friend) about your depression and how it is affecting you and your everyday life. Some people also recommend journaling. However, it is not for everyone. You don't always need a therapist, but having someone who you are able to properly communicate your depression with 100% without any judgment is super helpful. It's finding the medium for you that is difficult.

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