I have CTE (concussion related trauma). I'm battling depression and would like any recommendations you might have.



Intracranial Injury

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  • Lego22


    Hey, your depression can have an organic reason which is your head trauma. Have you met with a neurosurgeon or a neurologist?

  • you3o8


    No, after all the tests and scans I quit the medical route. I've been dealing with CTE for years before I figured out what was going on. I'm looking for a sustainable lifestyle without all the drugs.

  • Rainshine


    Supplements (omega-3, ashwagandha, b12, d, magnesium) have really helped me. Water! Mediterranean diet, yoga/stretching, and hikes have kept my days more balanced.

  • Amanda721


    I have been on an ssri antidepressant since my brain injury in 2005 and I will remain on one for life. It’s been 17 years and I can’t imagine life without it. Depression is not something you have to live with. ❤️ Our brains are no longer the same.

  • Amanda721


    My antidepressant is the ONLY medication I take other than vitamins. I get not wanting to be on meds.

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