Are there any ways that i can cope with my symptoms better

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Raven_Wine


    Keep fidget toys on you like mini pop it’s or something helps keep my hands busy idk if this helps but it helps me a lot

  • Nomi


    There's a YouTube channel called How To ADHD and she's really helpful for my own understanding of myself and gives great advice for managing ADHD. If you haven't heard of it already I'd definitely check it out. Personally I journal when I feel especially hectic, set alarms and reminders, set up my living space to be minimalistic and efficient so I lose things and get sidetracked less often, try to set organize my things before bed so I struggle less in the morning, etc. I am slowly learning to be proactive and work with myself rather than trying to fit into a neurological society.

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