I’ve never had pneumonia or asthma before, but I’ve been out sick with a cough for weeks now. It’s been stressful having a bad cough for such a long time with Covid and all. I’m getting another X-ray tomorrow because it turns out I might have pneumonia and my doctor wants to check that I don’t have tuberculosis! :/ they also said they think I’m having an asthmatic reaction to a viral infection. I keep having coughing bouts that are stressful and uncomfortable. My head hurts. I overall feel awful. It’s hard for me to keep track of all the meds too… how do I feel comfortable physically?




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  • pandakay


    Honestly it sounds more like bronchitis especially if you're coughing a lot. Hopefully they gave you an inhaler and some pain medication to help. The best advice I can give for trying to be physically comfy is get a heating pad and put it on low heat on your chest or use a rice bag. For your headaches get either a rice bag and heat it up put it over your eyes or get a compression eye mask that you can heat up. I hope you get answers soon and feel better ❤️

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