how do you guys deal with strong conflicting emotions. for example: change. how do you deal with it, im having trouble moving on.

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Sarahtiva


    I find it helpful to write things down in times when I feel level headed like- “why am I moving on? Why is that my healthiest option? In what ways does it make me feel better?” And you can reference your written words when you’re feeling overwhelmed or conflicted or defeated. ❤️ hope this helps

  • Shantibanchee


    I like to sometimes write poetry or a song when I'm experiencing an overwhelming amount of emotions. Or I just go on the app monkey to dirstract myself or maybe start up a stream on the audio only live streaming app, spoon.💌💌

  • Mossyrock


    I like to talk to friends and family about how I’m feeling about the transition, and I also focus my energy into my routine/self care

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