How many of you have suffered abuse for a lot of your life?

Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • AspenJay


    I have. 😥

  • EleniWalker


    Yes I have all my life. 😥

  • Bellpepper


    ✋ yup

  • SugarFoot


    Physical, no. Emotional, yes. My mother is borderline personality, father is an alcoholic. Lots of neglect. And I’m the oldest child so I had littles to “mother” from a young age because they weren’t being cared for. I tend to think childhood trauma or at least difficult childhood is a common thread amongst fibro patients.

  • Sexylady


    SugarFoot, I believe youre right.

  • AZAng


    Other than me being the youngest child, SugarFoot and I had the same kind of life. Same kind of parents.

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