Went to the eye doctor today and I had wrote down spondylitis because I just received the news about it on a treatment it’s taken years now that I was excited but there was a diagnosis that kind of related to the situation that I had the doctor the eye doctor I was there to say let me know that that wouldn’t be because spondylitis happens to white men white male men I am an African-American woman so my doctor was wrong or I was lying I’m confused!!! Embarrassed and how did he dare say I didn’t have something and he only seen me for the first time for a hot second and looked at a paper my mom is like God talks in mysterious ways why don’t you have a second opinion!?!?!??


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  • Summer2022


    Totally stereotypical was he a white old man lol anyway I want you to know I am a woman and I have lumbar spondylitis and anyone typically adults of any size or race can have spondylitis and it definitely needs to be monitored and waiting as long as you possibly can to have surgery is what I’ve been told by medical professionals. It’s no picnic 😌 I don’t want to say hang in there but..hey 🤗

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