I’m not sure to have surgery to remove my thyroid , or take the observation treatment to see if the lymph node is changing

Malignant Neoplasm of Thyroid Gland & Thyroglossal Duct

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  • SNH


    Have the surgery! Very easy recovery, and then very little chance of growth or metastasis.

  • Stimpy


    I agree 100% with SNH comments. Get the surgery as soon as possible. 🙏

  • MrsFuller


    My surgeon and I decided it's best to remove the whole thing as I have Stage 2 cancer and if they don't get it all you can't do radioactive iodine with a partial thyroid

    • Medfly


      thank you am stage 2 also

  • AddyJaye


    I definitely think if I had the choice, I would have observed mine a little bit longer. But I do want to warn that while most thyca grows slow, there are some that grows fast. Mine ended up being a fast growing type and it ended up starting to invade the soft tissue around my thyroid, as well as 9 lymph nodes. I think it really just depends on the size of your nodule and it's risk of spreading. Best of luck to you, though!

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