TW: SA/Rape
so when I was in a really bad relationship, the guy I was with had taken advantage of me when I was really intoxicated. I don't remember much. all I remember is sitting on the floor telling him I didn't want to. I remember him pulling me up and him forcing himself on me. I remember crying asking him to stop. it's been hitting me really hard lately, to the point I can't eat or sleep. I dunno what to do. I feel like I'm literally going crazy and need some advice please.

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  • grace.annika


    hey friend, i’m so sorry you had to experience such a traumatic thing. first of all, understand that it is NOT your fault, as a SA Survivor it’s difficult to not think of everything you could’ve done to avoid it or save yourself, but at the end of the day the person who hurt you was going to hurt you regardless of the situation. You are heard, and i really really recommend therapy, it can be scary at first but with the right therapist you can and will push through and see better, easier days. If you need advice or just a listening ear at all please message me.

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