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my sibling has always commented on my eating for example, " that's so unhealthy", "that's alot of food","that's way too oily for me" and alot of other things. but recently my eating has been alot worse instead of eating too much I've been eating to little, I've lost 10 pounds probably more I haven't weighed myself in 2 weeks. and my sibling is now commenting on how little I'm eating. and it makes me super fucking mad. because she gets to act like she cares when all she's ever done is make things worse and she LOVES to act like my mom and police me around (off topic but ya) but it makes things so much worse when you have someone always commenting on what you eat, how much, when and all that I wish she would just stop.

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  • Elianah


    My mom is like this. The best thing to do is know your self worth and how your more then just their comments/opnions.

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