Hello fellow GP havers, I have a weird question/story. I recently moved to a different state to be with my boyfriend, that made it so I needed to find a new Gastroenterologist. I had an initial consultation with him a few weeks ago, and I’m not entirely happy with how it went. He told me that based on my symptoms he doesn’t believe I have gastroparesis… because “ALL foods should bother you, not just certain ones.” (Even though I told him that I could only eat the same 5 things) It feels like he didn’t want to listen to me, maybe because I’m young (19) or maybe because he doesn’t know what he’s saying? I don’t know what to do, I’m not very good at advocating for myself. Finding this gastro took months, and I’m afraid to go on a search for another because what if they’ll be the same? I have a gastric emptying study soon, I’m hoping that can change the way he looks at me and my illnesses. Does anyone have advice to share or just comments in general? Any response is appreciated lol


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  • Messymexi


    The good news is once you have the gastric emptying done, you can just take that to another gi My GI is dropping me after 3 years to a less specialized one, I threw a fit and the earliest they could get me in was end of March . I think that Dr wasn't a right set up for you and unfortunately I wasn't feeling what the director wanted me bdied

  • chronicallyfab


    So sorry you’re dealing with this! I agree that you should have the scan done if you haven’t had it done before. Then I would find another doctor who has a better understanding. My PCP has a great understanding of GP, so don’t be afraid to look at doctors who aren’t specialists, they might surprise you. Always look at their bio on the clinic website and see if it mentions things they have special knowledge of. Don’t be afraid to call the office and ask to talk to the doctor’s nurse and gauge if they will be a good fit for you. Finding new doctors are hard, and finding one who doesn’t fit is even harder - keep your head up 💕

  • chronically_katie


    i would seek out a second opinion. you need a doctor who you can trust! don’t settle for less than you deserve. it’s hard, believe me i know! i think that the emptying scan will definitely help corroborate your condition, but honestly it sounds like you may just not have a good fit with this doctor.

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