Has anyone tried an antipsychotic (like Seroquel) for treatment resistant depression? Curious to know if anyone felt like it helped your depression or if you had side effects? My psychiatrist is thinking about replacing the Wellbutrin I’m on with an antipsychotic, in addition to the lithium and nortriptyline I’m already on.




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  • emily100


    I have recently switched to an antipsychotic and it seems to be helping

  • Bugaboo


    Hello to my highest match on here so far! Seroquel made me gain a TON of weight and didn't do anything for my depression. But, wellbutrin did nothing for my depression either so you likely respond to medications differently than I do. I started a very new type of therapy and I actually went an entire year (even winter) depression-free for the first time since early middle school.

  • River_cat


    Hi! So I was on Seroquel for about a month and all it did was knock me out. Like, I was asleep within 15 minutes of taking it and I hated how it made me feel. But! That’s just my story and I was in a really dark place so I needed to be knocked out

  • Karbbyxo


    I’ve been on it for sleep, it did help I had to stop. Made me so groggy. I’d walk down the street and ppl would think I’m drunk. That’s my experience I hope it helps you!

  • BB_Gun


    I was prescribed it in the past for sleep. But I ended up sleeping a lot and still being exhausted. It did not like it. I do take 2 mood stabilizers that seem to help though.

  • Cre8iveKrys


    Lamotrigine has worked really well for me. I’ve taken it for a while. It’s originally for seizures but it helps with depression and is a mood stabilizer. It really helps my bouts of depression not get so low.

  • Imaginary813


    When my antidepressant stopped working my doctor continued me on it and added Abilify and that seemed to help

  • shob


    i have been on abilify, and stopped after around 5 days due to the side effects. originally, it was to stabilize my mood, but i have really bad depression and after the first day which was very manic it made me have a very unpleasant depressive episode that lasted four days and was unlike anything i had really experienced before. i decided to stop not only because of this but because of the frequent cholesterol checks in which i had to get my blood drawn (my anxiety is really bad when i get my blood drawn!). i don’t believe i’ve seen an experience similar to mine but it just didn’t work out for me. additionally, i was on my antidepressants (cymbalta) the whole time while trialing this medication. hope this helps!<3

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