is anyone else here on prozac (fluoxetine)? what is your experience with it? i feel like it's getting worse.



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  • m__


    absolutely horrible i got off that shit the moment i could and now i avoid meds completely. when i took it i was like a zombie and it caused temporary dissociation and psychosis

  • IssaMaggie


    I just started it two weeks ago and I haven't felt any different since. Still extremely depressed. Doctor says it takes a while to work apparently.

  • Anna_has.sadness


    It’s really not helping me but my physiatrist doesn’t wanna take me off of it

  • IndigoBro


    Prozac helped the acute distress I was in (took away the intensity of my extreme emotional pain) but it also had the zombie effect. Basically I felt nothing, which is kind of what I needed to continue at the time, but also can be problematic. It’s difficult to function in very dissociated state. After awhile though, I realized Prozac was the reason I was having hot flashes at night, waking drenched in sweat. Apparently serotonin plays a role in regulating your body temperature at night. After a few weeks of sleeplessness I decided it wasn’t worth it and switched meds.

  • E_belli


    I'm different than the others. Prozac has been a miracle drug for me. It helped my depression and stabilized my moods in general. It is the only med that has ever helped my OCD and lowered my anxiety. It made me experience emotions on a very different level, in a good way, I'm more connected to my emotions now than the last 15+. I feel the most like myself with Prozac. And I had no weight gain either which was great. The only issue I had was the killer heartburn/acid reflux but after I switched from capsules to tablets (which I had heard about online) I have had not a single issue since. It is mildly activating for me too so I'm finally not tired all the time. Other than that, I have nothing but positive things to say about it. It is the most effective antidepressant I've ever been on. And I've been thru at least 8-10 in the last 7 years. I've been on it since December. And it's great, in my personal experience. I hope things get better for you.

  • FruityLex


    I took prozac for a short time, it managed to make it worse and practically caused internalized panic instead of the usual put wards. Some people it works for, some it dosent. Most successful one I had been on was Lexapro for me.

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