Hi I’m Jay
I’m Jay I’m going through a tough time right now. I had a rough few weeks. I had to have emergency shunt surgery a little over a month ago. Now I found out the other week that my grandfather on my father’s side is going through the process of passing away from congestive heart failure. I’m going to be 40 in November but I’m still taking it hard. Because of all my medical problems family means everything to me. I’m sorry I seem like I’m complaining but I need to try and get it out and off my chest.

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  • RescueMom


    I had emergency shunt surgery September 18th 2021. Really scary but I am doing great now. Hope your surgery went well. I’m sorry to hear about your grandfather. I’m 26 and have stage two congestive heart failure. It scares me everyday so much. You are definitely not complaining, and have every right to express yourself. Sending good thoughts and vibes your way ❤️.

  • TracieSzakal


    Hi Jay, and never think that you are complaining. We are all going through stuff and it most certainly helps getting it off your chest. With that being said, I am sorry to hear of your Grandfather is passing. It is so hard, I know, I lost all 4 of my Grandparents and we were all so close, my childhood closeness felt like it ended with them passing and all the memories. They were the glue that kept us connected. We no longer have Christmases, Easters, BBQs or family reunions. What I do, is take one day at a time, and every night I honor them with positive nostalgic memories before bed. I look at pictures and know that we all live in the circle of life. Yes, it hurts and I wish I can say it gets easier but it DOES get BETTER. Better at putting things in perspective and better at slowing down and appreciating every moment. My health problems also help make that happen. I try to keep in close contact with my adult kids and my parents and journal a lot daily. I put all my feelings onto paper and remember the GOOD times. Life always keeps moving forward, never back, never freezing in one moment. I send a gentle hug and thoughts your way. You just have to keep moving forward the best you can and be gentle with yourself.

  • Dad.of.Many


    No need to apologize. I had a nervous breakdown when I was 31 and my Grandfather passed away on my birthday. I was packing the last of my things to go see him for a week and help my mom care for him when I got the call. I understand completely. If you need someone to talk to pm me.

  • LilG


    Losing a grandparent is really hard, Jay. You don't need to apologize for feeling the way you do, or letting out those feelings. I remember losing my grandpa, and honestly there's not a week that goes by I don't think of him. It's hard, and it hurts. Embrace that pain.

  • smile77


    Hi Jay sending prayers and positive thoughts and energy..

  • JAY789


    Hi LillG and smile77 I just wanted to tell you both thank you for your kind words they really mean a lot. I really feel bad for my grandmother and my uncle I really wish I could help them more with my grandfather. But I’m having my own medical problems and it’s causing me to have trouble with my balance and with walking as well. But they are appreciative when I do get to come over and visit and get to sit down and keep my grandfather company. I wish I could do more to help them but they understand that I’m having my own problems rite now and I really appreciate that they are understanding.

  • QueenCleofatra


    U complain all you need to. I didn't take it as complaining at all, but venting is important. Life isn't always easy and having people to talk to is so very important. I'm sorry you are dealing with so much. I have two friends who have had a stroke and a heart attack before 30 and the other before 40. Both are in great physical shape to look at them. Then there's me, and I don't look healthy, so that scares me.

  • FaithKay


    Life is more complicated when we are struggling with health issues. Visiting your Grandfather when you feel up to it is the greatest gift you can give to him and your family. It will be good for you too. You will get through this. I will pray for your family for strength and the support everyone needs to get through this. You are not alone others will be there for you. This is a safe place to get things off your chest. Biggest gift we can give each other is time..

    • JAY789


      I really appreciate your kind words it is actually cheering me up a little bit lol. I actually was able to sleep better last night even with the passing of my grandfather. I think it was because I know he’s no longer suffering and in pain anymore.

  • CassieT


    Hi Jay my condolences to you and family praying for comfort and strength at this time

  • Silvio


    I watched my father lose his life over 3 months period from congestive heart failure...it's the worst thing I've ever seen ...

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