I just found out that I have Chronic Sinusitis. My ENT and I tried antibiotics for a month. Nothing worked. He said the next step is Sinus Surgery. Has anyone had this surgery? What was your experience?

Chronic Sinusitis


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  • Rosie_Posey


    I did- mine helped me for about two years. I have a really crap immune system so it took me a little longer to heal than they expected and now that we’re almost ten years out from it im getting sinus infections again. During mine they wanted to use balloons. When they got in my sinuses were way more messy than anyone anticipated and they had to remove some tissue as well as a bone spur. My deviated septum was fixed at this time as well. I recommend this surgery highly. I lost the smallest amount of my dense of smell, but we accredit that to my healing process

  • Niki_madeline


    I’m so sorry! That is hard news to hear and I remember when I received similar news. I did have the surgery, it was because I had a collapsed maxillary sinus and chronic sinusitis. Apparently my sinus wasn’t draining because the cavity was closed off, so the surgery opened it up. It was a very rough surgery recovery. They told me it would be a two week recovery but that is so false, most people it takes 1-3 months to really feel like yourself again. I would only suggest any kind of sinus surgery if you REALLY need it, and ask your ENT to go over your CT scan with you showing what they’ll be fixing in surgery. That said, after my sinus surgery, I did go almost 2 years afterwards without any sinus infections (a record for me!) As I’m writing this, I’m literally about to go see my ENT because I’ve had my first infection since the surgery.

  • Niki_madeline


    I was just telling someone else that the one thing that has helped me more than anything is sinus rinse mixes (they have antibiotics in them). I get them shipped from community compounding in Oregon. Oral antibiotics hardly tend to make a dent in my sinus infections these days.

  • SleepyDillo


    I had it a while back. For me it only had mild results. But considering the surgery is relatively simple, the effects were definitely worth it. I used to use a box of tissues a day. Now it’s off and on. I can elaborate more about the effects of surgery if you’d like

  • Hope714


    I had it when I was 18. Super easy surgery. I remember being really really thirsty afterward. It definitely helped my sinuses. I had to have a second small procedure 2 years later because I developed a scar band that obstructed my sinus so they went in and clipped it when they took my tonsils out. It was fabulous for about 10 years. Lately tho I’ve been having sinus congestion and headaches and everything again. I’m currently on antibiotics for a sinus infection. Gonna have to go see and ent but even tho it’s not a permanent fix (for me at least) it really really helped me

  • becca89


    i’ve had it twice, it’s been helpful for me. quick recovery, as in like a day or two. a lot of gunk comes out of your nose for a week or so after but that’s about it!

  • Wanderinglumos


    I had it when I was 19! It helped for a lot time but I still have to take Flonase, do a sinus rinse, and was on another nasal spray daily. I had migraines on top of sinus issues but once I started medication for those I noticed a difference. I’m 24 now and am noticing sinus headaches more again have to schedule an appointment with my ENT.

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