Does anyone else seem to not notice they are binging until it's over? I know it should seem obvious, like dude, when you're ordering two super sized meals plus dessert to eat in the parking lot, that's a binge... but it's like I get foggy out blurry when I'm in it.

anyone else?

Binge eating disorder

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  • Shequila1


    Yes! It's also like waking up after a night of drinking. Remembering what you did and feeling shame.

  • IndigoH


    This happens to me even when I'm not binging. I have such bad anxiety around food that I just space out when I eat. I totally ate a full bowl of rice today, but I don't remember eating it all until I was almost done.

  • AfterlifeOfTheParty


    Yes!!! And sometimes I will tell myself specifically "Don't go to Tbell today and eat $20 worth of food", but the anxiety hits and I do it anyway. Afterwards I realize and then feel super shameful.

  • Chesbro99


    Anxiety and food is so closely knit together. Like when I get anxious or lonely I just want to eat and don't know how to stop or say no

  • beanbag


    Yeah ! I completely dissociative when I go get the food and while I'm eating the food. I can't even taste it I just eat really fast.

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