anybody have chronic aches and pains all day??


Chronic Generalized pain


Chest pain

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  • Alicia4475


    Yes...I really wish it would stop!

  • Rocco


    Yes some are due to conditions I have but the majority are issues caused by anxiety or things I do while I have anxiety. My back kills me because I slouch when I’m anxious. That also makes my chest hurt. I tense up alot too through out the day so it makes my shoulders and elbows hurt. It’s annoying but it makes me calm to know that it’s just anxiety and the thousands of crazy things it does to our bodies

    • Taty


      so anxiety can make my body twitch? And chest pain??

      • Alicia4475


        ohh yes! My back is usually what's always hurting but my chest is one that I really feel if my breathing is off

  • SumShine84


    Yup! Hip pain on and off, back pain from scoliosis, and I also get weird tingling and pins and needles randomly in my arms and legs all day!

  • ThickAndTired


    yes, I’ve honestly realized that they just come from anxiety. anxiety can really f with your body in a crazy way, but it’s never anything serious or urgent, so don’t worry.

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