should i continue my therapy? i genuinely don't find it helpful as i have a hard time opening up in person. i dread going as it just feels like another responsibility. it's a waste of my time and money as i'm not getting anything out of it (which is specific to me, not my therapist. my therapist is great, i'm just very private in face conversations.) all of this leads me to think i should no longer continue, but i have a separate psychiatrist who has prescribed me medications. in the past she's mentioned i should talk to my therapist about my medications and how they make me feel until our next meeting. does this mean i have to do therapy in order to take medication?


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  • Chesbro99


    You don't need a counselor to get meds. Try doing zoom meetings or phone calls? Or online therapy like better help?

    • kermitdiefrog


      already doing zoom meetings, and ive done therapy in person in the past.

  • Faye69


    I used to be in therapy. I no longer go but I still take plenty of meds. If you feel like it isn't helping you or doing anything for you then stop going, there's really no point. You can explore better options online.

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