does anyone else’s symptoms get a a lot worse when you start your period? if so how do you manage it i’m really struggling right now


Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

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  • feellicks


    yes I do. i try to track my period and a couple of days before hand i take some Tylenol. it at least helps the pain but I haven't found much to help with my fatigue and dizziness besides drinking more water + salt pills

  • rj.crow


    yep. i usually have to take a day or two off work because i end up being too dizzy to stand at all. i’ve been thinking of trying a drink mix to see if that works better than plain salt for me. at the very least it’ll taste better

  • violetxskyes


    Sleep, general rest and salty snacks. Plenty of hydration. Remember to take iron or eat meat/protein or meat substitutes. Blood loss sucks 😥

  • Fray


    I'm very new to this community, and still learning every day how to better manage my symptoms, so I may not have the BEST advice. However, my doctor STRESSES hydration. She also has told me to stay away from caffeinated drinks (teas, sodas, coffee, etc), because that can make the shakiness and heart rate worse, and it also cancels out any water you've been drinking to stay hydrated. Also like they said, salty foods. And never be afraid to take some time for R&R 💕 Call out of work if you need to, take some time for self care, and allow yourself to take it easy and take it at a slow pace

  • coolhippieaunt


    OH yeah mine gets awful on my period. getting on birth control to help manage and manipulate my cycle helped a lot. the depo shot was a bust for me & actually made me bleed for 4 months straight & i had awful POTS episodes the whole time but i know it works for some people- just talk to your doctor & ask lots of questions. i know some people have a lot of luck with IUDs. i use compression stockings, iron, B12, tons of water, body armor/gatorade/liquid iv religiously. dressing comfy & having a big water bottle of ice water & those portable heat patches you can get at the drug store stuck to my back or stomach helps a ton

  • AppleJuice


    @coolhippieaunt Yeah i use the nexplanon implant and it’s helped a lot with my period but i started getting them more often since i get it changed soon, and i used liquid iv a lot but it seems to not work that much for me so i wasn’t sure what else to do…But i will try iron and wearing my compression socks more during my period and just dressing comfy with a big bottle of ice water and see how that goes thank you!

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