I'm new to all of this. I just got a preliminary diagnosis of Vestibular migraine and have no idea what to do, where to look, or where to start.


Vestibular Migraine

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  • OuchiePrincess


    A neurologist would be helpful for getting meds to start- they often start with -triptan medications, and a zofran combo There are more progressive meds, but you start with the cheapest and easiest first before resorting to injections (depending on your insurance)

  • eggoweggo


    Hi, I’ve been recommending to people this book called Victory over Vesitbular Migraine by Shin Beh, it really helped me understand it better and feel less uncertain about the whole thing because for a long time I thought I was just making it up in my head or something 😭 also it has some good suggestions for treatments and at home treatments to do so it would give you an idea what to maybe talk about with a neurologist as the person above suggested :)

  • Rayman


    I use Promethazine suppository to tame the nausea. It's basically a really strong antihistamine. Whenever I wake up with vertigo and nystagmus, I feel like breathing extremely slowly and steadily helps me tame the more intense vertigo hits.

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