Said f it and ate half a small tub of ice cream. I truly do not know the last time I indulged in ice cream like that, I freaked out a little over the fact I was so I wish I could have slowed down but…mixed feelings rn. It’s the nighttime which tends to be a time I freak out more, so I’m scared to try and relax. But I just thought my saying it would help…mostly negative feelings and emotions rn and I’m not exactly in recovery because of this due to the mental aftermath but I still feel the slightest bit of good because I miss being able to eat ice cream so much it’s been so long it’s hard not to feel some good ;; I’m hoping for no bad physical side-effects from this to top it off though pls!😭

Anorexia Nervosa

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  • pixelbing


    you're not alone :) today i ate quite a bit too. its normal; restrictive diets lead to small binges like that. ive been seriously limiting calories and today i just randomly indulged in over 1k calories. you'll be alright hun, even if you're not in recovery right now. half a tub of ice cream isn't going to effect you at all. you listened to what your body wanted and thats a major step - recovery or not. you shouldn't have to feel guilty, you deserve food. if you feel you're going to make yourself feel worse take a sip of water and relax. watch a movie you like, go to bed - this will eventually pass :)

    • Coffeek


      this means so so much to me, thank you!💓💓Literally ended up crying afterwards and having a very hard time but it’s so comforting to hear I’m not alone. Gonna try and relax the rest of the night and keep myself safe, it’s so hard but all we can do is try!

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