regarding hallucinations - i have a very keen sensitive nose (probably related to my migraines), and my migraines are triggered by certain smells. for the past maybe 4 or 5 days ive been unable to escape the smell of cigarette smoke, and sometimes it feels like im choking on the sting of inhaling secondhand smoke. i dont smoke! i cant escape it! it is everywhere i go, outside, in the shower, while im cooking, every single second, and my migraine is terrible.

my friend pointed out to me though that the worsened migraine could just be due to distress. i have a medicine that will assuredly lessen my migraine IF it isn't caused by illness or recurring factors. it didn't help. so i think it isn't a migraine triggered by anything usual... i know how my migraines work

does anyone else experience smell hallucinations frequently?? do they ever last this long for you???? ive indeed been having more psychosis related symptoms lately but this feels excessive



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