I'm gonna restart up my unfinished trauma work from switching therapists and I'm going to see the man who hurt me in less then 3 weeks in court I've never been in a court room and I really just don't know what to do right now since I am so close to breaking down and crying and I'm afraid of relapse with self Harm to be honest I'm really scared about this. any tips or anything?????

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • Stobotnik


    The last time I was in a court room was the adoption of my sibling. They were in a similar situation, having to tell their biological father they never wanted to see him again. Something that helped them was thinking of it as just a room, and him as just a man. We were all just people in a place. Court rooms are not as scary as they seem, I promise. The judge is looking out for you. 💕

  • OLLiEj


    @Stobotnlk thanks man:3 that makes it a bit better already.

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