okay ik we aren't doctors but I'm gonna take a shot in the dark. please let me know if these symptoms sound like anything you or someone you know has:
positive ana
high CRP
chronic fatigue
chronic pain
dyshidrotic eczema
knots under skin that are sometimes painful, usually painful to touch, and arent visible
butterfly rash
sensitive senses
stomach cramping sometimes after eating that requires bowel movement for relief
joint flexibility (or whatever it's called, one example is I can bend my wrist so that my hand is flat horizontally)
high sedimentation rate
elevated histamine response after mosquito bites
very active sinuses
mild scoliosis
history of prolactinomas

if you guys have any questions of other symptoms or want clarity, let me know. I've had a ton of mental and physical health problems and I can get my mental problems managed but apparently not physical.
I've been tested for lupus, hepatitis, rheumatoid factor, I think Crohn's, Cushing's multiple times. with my own nondoctor research I've thought lipedema, skeeters syndrome, lupus.

Chronic Pain

Joint Stiffness

Autoimmune disease, not elsewhere classified

Malaise & Fatigue

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  • newmanwife3


    Wow I have the exact symptoms I mean to the T ..my Dr has ordered a CT scan and I have a calcification in my Basel ganglia asymptomatic and eventually fatal....I hope this isn't the case for you and I definitely do not want to scare you...also it seems you have a autoimmune disorder and more than likely a vitamin D and A and 12 deficiency...alot of the fatigue comes from your body not having the essentials it needs to perform at top ...think of your body as tho it were an engine....it helps me...keep me posted on what information or diagnosis that you receive as I am highly interested in what you do have

    • pianolover314


      so about two years ago I did have vitamin d tested and it was slightly low. Vitamin a and 12 have not been tested. I agree about having an autoimmune disorder, but sadly we haven't found answers. Thank you for your help!

  • newmanwife3


    Anytime angel we are all in this together

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