I don't know if this relates to my other disorders but i'm very absentminded. I'll leave my phone places without realizing or be in someone's way and it's always like I miss crucial things. This has affected me at work and I find myself making a TON of small mistakes and it's hurting my performance and I feel like im more of a burden at work because of it. And it's gotten to the point where I want to quit because I feel like i'm not good enough. Idk if yall have any advice but I would appreciate it.

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  • Tommy_Huggins


    Adderall, u prob have quiet ADD

  • wise


    Adderall. My mom had the same issue, it was ADHD. she started medication and suddenly she was a functional person. My partner is the same way. I thought he already had an ADHD dx when we first got together, turns out he didn't but his doctor strongly agreed with me when I explained the symptoms I'd noticed. He's not on meds right now and you can tell lmao, his doctor wouldn't refer him to psych until he was asked to so he wouldn't be pressuring anybody into something they didn't want/need

  • fairygodmom


    If obtaining pharmaceuticals proves to be difficult, or if you’d rather take a more conservative approach first, consider seeing a therapist (if you can afford it). They may be able to offer some insight and help you work through some of these issues!

  • Bijoux_bean22


    Sometimes depression can look like ADHD among other things. I have heard some ppl say it almost feels like brain damage? I would look into it more and talk to a medical professional. Hope you find something that helps.

  • Joe2008


    I lose a lot of things too. Like all the time. For physical items I’ve attached an apple AirTag to everything to keep track. But then for work I lose track of files and emails so I’m lost there too

  • LeeLee1913


    Ginko biloba helps me. I take double the recommended dose 1-2x a day

  • Bubbies


    It happens to me a lot too. It’s super super common with fibromyalgia and chronic conditions to get “brain fog”. I make a ton of lists and set reminders for EVERYTHING! Some days aren’t so bad. The vitamin D helped a lot actually. But it definitely does get worse when I haven’t been eating enough, have an extra painful day, anything that triggers my system to have to work harder. My rheumatologist says he has a lot of patients like this because there’s only so many brain cells and things and our bodies have to work so much harder to do stuff that on a bad day more and more stuff is being diverted away from the brain and into effected areas. You’re not crazy, you certainly aren’t alone, and it will get better.

  • Maypie


    Anxiety, depression, in general other mood disorders, and childhood trauma can mimic adhd symptoms. There are non-pill treatments for adhd symptoms if you want to try those instead of Vyvanse or Adderall or other adhd medications. Adderall is not the only adhd medication and it may not be the right one for you

  • maraisaglass


    I also second the person who commented on here if you're seeing a therapist and/or a psychiatrist? Feel free to dm me if you'd like to talk about it more with me. If you aren't in mental health treatment, I'm pretty good at resourcing and could help you find some resources that are covered under your insurance, if you have health insurance.

  • StrawberryMilk


    Dont feel bad, you’re not alone in that, if you think you have ADHD (the inattentive type) try coffee every morning, and if that doesnt work try meds like everyone else is saying!

  • potionseller


    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone and for all yalls advice!! I talked to my therapist about it and he said I might have mild ADD. So now that I know about that i'm definitely going to keep that in mind and try to see if I can manage it. Thank you !!

  • Alien_Alex2234


    Dude srsly I do this all the time now I know who ever said it was quiet add I was diagnosed with normal add but I think it’s gotten worse over time. I lose legitimately everything I touch and then I fumble around looking for it everywhere besides where it actually is and it’s always the last place I look bc I don’t recall putting it there.

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