I had a decent day yesterday at work. Very, very busy, but everyone was very hands on, helping each other with the work load. After 9 hours of work, I decided to do a few food deliveries to get a bit of money on the side. First one went well, just a drop off order. Second one tho, I had to shop, pay and deliver for two different orders at the same time. Things didn't go too smooth this time. I should've listen to my body and brain. I was tired, so this made it 10x harder for me. It took me about and hour to find the items, going back and forth. Decided to go to a lane with a cashier, thinking they would help make everything smooth. Of course that would've been too nice. We had issues cashing out, had to to call store customer service, an agent from the app, we had to rescan things again. The poor cashier was so done with me and I was just done for the day. That drained me even more. I was very apologetic for wasting both of our time and left. I went about my way and delivered both orders. I was feeling so defeated and decide to just go straight home. As soon as I got home, I received a notification from both customers saying that I had delivered the wrong order!! I felt so stupid. I put all this effort into it and still got it wrong!! And, the cherry on top.. I was going through the bag I brought from work, that contained my Tupperware and some leftover food I had. That's when I realized that I completely forgot that I had put in there an ice cream because I was supposed to come straight home!! So you can imagine the mess, after 2 & 1/2 hours!! I. Was. Done. I washed everything, fed myself and my cat and went to bed. I had no more physical or mental energy to do attempt to do anything else. I really hope your Friday was better than mine. I just needed to vent/take this off my chest.


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  • Molly_Grace


    😥 yikes. I hate days like that. Hopefully you were able to sleep and reset. I often have insomnia after something like that where I rethink the whole thing over and over and hate on myself. It's a viscous cycle. Tomorrow's a new day though.

    • Novalicious


      thank you so much for your kind words. I was so exhausted that I passed out shortly after laying in bed. I didn't even plug my phone lol. Hopefully today's a good day for both of us. ❤️

  • Squishlover


    Man I feel like this happens to me more often than it should. Being over tired is the worst. I work 10 hour days myself and I can't function when I get home at all. I hate it.

    • Novalicious


      it is the worst!! I hate feeling like that because I know what I'm capable of, but making dumb/careless mistakes without that being my intention makes me feel so defeated and dumb. It is a daily struggle.

  • akaforrest


    I also do delivery. Got stuck inside and only took half an order. Multiple Staff had to come get me and remind me to get the other half of the order on my way out. Half of the kitchen had eyes on me 👀 as i had to apologize and walk out a bit confused and tired. Also forgot to deliver the drink of another because of the confusion and never heard the end of it from the person who ordered.

    • Novalicious


      Aww, I'm sorry that happened to you. It really sucks when that happens. People judge you like you're the dumbest person on earth even when you're being apologetic. If they only knew the amount of effort we put into what we do and our internal struggle, perhaps they would be a bit more understanding and kind. I haven't signed up for deliveries since that day as I'm still feeling burned out. I know I'll do it again eventually, but want to give myself a break. Hope you're having a better day!

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