Hey! I just got a celiac diagnosis in January. I was dx’d with epilepsy as an adult back in 2014 but had celiac symptoms before - doctors just lumped it in with my anxiety smh. Anyone have experience with both epilepsy and celiac? I’ve read that celiac can cause epilepsy but most doctors don’t really have any experience with this.

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  • E11iefant


    I don’t have epilepsy, but I do have celiac, small fiber neuropathy and POTS! Celiac can cause weird neuro symptoms, so maybe (hopefully) it’s just been celiac all along! Definitely make sure your vitamin levels stay consistent bc once you start losing B or iron the neuro symptoms flare. Talk to a nutritionist to find gluten free food options that fulfill your vitamin needs. Also, ask your Primary or Gastroenterologist for regular blood tests to make sure you stay on track!

    • LCM


      Thank you! I had no clue that those particular vitamins were so crucial. Definitely talking to the nutritionist about that!

      • GFAF


        Hi there! Iron is crucial. It’s the number one vitamin deficiency among celiacs. I agree that B is another biggie, but I’d also argue in favor of regularly taking vitamin D as well. That’s pretty high up there on the list too!

  • N.i.k.k.i


    I have epilepsy and celiac as well. I am on a medication for the seizures but I want to see if my epilepsy has gotten any better and if going gluten free has cured them but most doctors arnt much help with both of these. Did your seizures get better after being gluten free?

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