maybe a vain question but how do you cope with saggy boobs with ehlers danlos? I always only dealt with joint probs/dislocations. But the skin problems are new to me. I’m not looking for solutions, just want to know I’m not alone I guess.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • Vixenkiki


    I wear a comfy cheap wireless bralette from Walmart to help it be supportive but not painful on my shoulders and back.

  • Macemoments


    I get it! I didn’t have big boobs till 37 & a late in life baby. My boobs stayed huge. Honestly I hate them. I can’t wear underwire at all! They hurt & leave marks. I use gold bond powder on hot days because they sweat so much. I would love to have a reduction but I have so many other issues to deal with 1sr. I don’t handle anesthesia well. My bp drops dangerously. I buy my bras on Amazon, their brand McG.

  • madd94


    I’ve had large, saggy boobs since I was a preteen and have been terribly self conscious about them my whole life! What makes me feel most comfortable is buying very supportive minimizer bras, which keep my chest from moving around and also prevents any extra attention. I like the brand Natori, which you can usually find at Nordstrom rack for a decent price. I’ll also say this - if you’re prone to pain/discomfort from underwire bras, a minimizer may not be for you. They are intentionally very structured and tight. Another good option is a long line sports bra - I find the extra length helps to keep my boobs sitting higher up and feeling more secure than a regular sports bra.

  • Duckie


    I totally relate! My cup size is 38K and boyyy do these puppies Hang 💀 honestly just being kind to yourself is the best thing. You can try tape to lift them and readjust them if you’d like, though I struggle to find a way that works 😂 really though, boobs are functional parts of our bodies. If someone doesn’t like them bc they aren’t perky, they don’t deserve to see them at ALL! Love yourself, darling 💕

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