anyone ever get severe pain from your tics? wondering because i had a kind of tension pain in my arm today and the only thing i could think of that could’ve caused it were maybe my tics making my muscles seize up


Chronic Tics

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  • royalty


    Omg all the time! Most of my tics are in my neck and the tension build-up triggers my migraines. Its awful!

  • Cuckoo_Clock


    I have a new tic where my right hand locks up into a tight fist. My nails will dig into my skin and my hand will turn purple if it’s been long enough. Longest it’s ever gone was 3 hours. I wanted to rip my hand off

  • seejay



  • ctrl_chaos


    yea if i have like a tic attack or smth or a bad tic day for sure actually my arms hurting right now and i was wondering what it was from but it probably is just from tics 💀

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