Hi everyone, I have bad ibs c, but I get terrible nausea along with it. I take zofran which really seems to help, but constipates me even more. Does anyone else experience nausea/ have any medications or treatments that relieve it?

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  • Maggie93


    Try peppermint candies or a warm sprite. They help me sometimes.

  • Kaylashumack


    I drink ginger ale for my nausea and it helps a ton.

  • Rockets


    I have IBS so bad after having coffee or when I get nervous at work

  • EchoFox


    I get awful nausea when I’m constipated. I do NOT know the science behind it, but my thinking is that it’s all the stuff trying to move around, but since we’re constipated it can’t. I take two Metamucil pills every single day (I’m nervous about meds but if it works for you then do it!!) and I also take a probiotic. Keeps me as regular as ever!!

  • Rockets


    What is the name of the probiotic

  • EchoFox


    I take culturelle daily probiotic

  • monstrously_witty


    Try ginger tea. Maybe l-glutamine powder as supplement if it suits you ur body. These help with intestinal motility and helps move food contents down.

  • TheMadPooper


    I take Linzess for constipation. It’s kinda brutal sometimes because it cleans you out but sometimes that’s what you need

  • selky


    my doctor recommended ibgard it didnt help me but maybe itll help you !

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