Anyone ever taken Tramadol and does it help you personally


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  • TurtleRose


    It helped me the first time I was on it. I don't remember why I was taken off but when it was restarted I had some serious negative reactions to it. That being said I know someone who has been on it for many years and his biggest side effect is memory loss.

  • Sickem


    What happened to you

  • girl_of_titanium


    I’ve tried it twice and it never helped me at all. But the type of pain that I have is so high it took me three years to find a doctor who would prescribe the medication dosage high enough to make a difference. My mother has been on tramadol for years, it helped her for a few years but it doesn’t do anything anymore.

  • AmySue


    I’ve tried it before. Didn’t find it helpful

  • KikiMack


    I took it for many years. Highest dose possible but it can damage the liver. It worked for me for 10 years!

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