I'm Payten Aliff. I have Cardiac Syncope and Acid Reflux. I also struggle with asthma and anxiety.

Anxiety (Including GAD)


Laryngopharyngeal reflux

Recurrent Syncope

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  • crazysnakelady


    👋 I also experience episodic neurocardiogenic syncope. It's part of the cardiac issues assoc. with my TBI induced dysautonomia. If you want to chat sometime I'm home constantly right now after getting out of the hospital last week so I'll be free anytime I'm awake. Which could be literally anytime since my circadian rythm is just as screwed up as my heart rythhm... OK I tried to be funny. But anyway, feel free to shoot a message my way at any hour. Im probably right here😊

  • Bri4937


    I struggle with vasovagal syncope/NCS as well. My main triggers seem to be anxiety and standing or sitting still. Checkout lines always give me episodes for some reason, but luckily most of them are pre-syncope. I’d love to make some VVS friends!!

    • ZombE


      I have what doctors are calling vasovagal syncope. Buts as of rn my doctor isn't sure what it is, so she sent me to a neurologist to see what's going on.

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