I’ve been diagnosed with HSV-1 for about 5 years now and I’ve learned a lot, but am hoping to find ways to “eliminate” outbreaks. I get really bad outbreaks from time to time and not only is it physically painful, it’s emotionally embarrassing! All the stigma around it and having people stare at my outbreak is awful.
What I know/do that works:
L-lysine (LOTS of it)
Antiviral herbs/foods: garlic, ginger etc!
Olive leaf extract!
AVOID coconut, nuts, etc.
stress avoidance(easier said then done)
Healthy sleep, water, food intake

What other natural remedies WORK and help diminish outbreaks? 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

This diagnosis was crippling and is really taxing to live with, sending all the love to one’s who struggle with it!!

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  • Melmusic


    Ice pads would help with pain and heal faster maybe also if your having unprotected sex or sex trigger out breaks also and different partners or hormones so try going to the beach and relaxing also what helps me is oils using oils help reduce outbreaks coconut oil hemp oil almond oil maybe definitely tea tree oils and matcha green tea 😥

  • TiffanyAnne


    Is there a reason you don’t want to take Valtrex? (no judgement! just curious)

  • Intergalactic


    I’m not a huge fan of pharmaceutical meds, would rather go holistic, but at this point I’m highly considering

  • Yggdrasil9726


    You pretty much listed the main go to's. I would add that avoiding excess processed sugar is a must, as that will inceease your chances of a flare up . Oregano Oil is great as a natural alternative to antivirals with the caveat that you have to treat it like a natural antiviral or antibiotic, in the sense that a little goes a long way and it will indiscriminately nuke your microbiome if you overdo it. So i would say maybe oregano oil for 3 days at a time, supplementing that with probiotics in between to ensure you aren't destabilizing your microbiome too much. Could try Echinacea extract, too. Tea tree oil is great too for topical treatments. And unsweetend high quality matcha green tea is wonderful too, perhaps turmeric as well.

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