Have any of you ever struggled with finally getting better and feeling much better then seeming to slide downhill really quickly and fall back into old bad habits and feelings? And if so, how do you get to doing better again?


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  • weirdestpotato


    Personally, I feel like that's just the process of healing and getting better. I know that people say it gets worse before it gets better, but please try to keep your head up. Keep focusing on being better. It's a long road to healing, and it's never easy. As long as you stay wanting to be better, it will eventually. I'm sorry I cannot give you any more advice. Just keep fighting

  • fishfood


    I've been trying to work on this too. I try to remember that one slip up doesn't equate to falling back down to your lowest point. You've gotten better before, and you will again. I personally tend to shift my focus to simple but comforting things, giving myself recovery time in the same way I would if I had a cold. I let myself be self indulgent even if I feel silly, sometimes having a cute app like Neko Atsume is the thing keeping me from slipping lol. I try to remember that this feeling will pass, and for now being stationary is enough.

  • KittenShey


    Yeah that happens to me every so often. Usually I remind myself of how well I was doing and how much better I felt and try to get back on my routine. For me taking a hot shower and/or getting dressed up can make me feel a lot better when I'm stuck in those moods. Or actually getting up and cooking a meal for myself

  • Elise_Laura


    Focus on the basics and set priorities 🖤

  • MatchaBunn


    I get dysregulated a lot by my conditions and changes that happen, but I find that one way to get back into a routine I am comfortable with is to start slow. Take the day one moment at a time. Just make one intention, and build on that. I noticed that having a very loose schedule, where I plan to at least get one fun thing (and sometimes one chore/responsibility) done in a day. Then I can make choices towards that goal, and really treat myself well leading up to those things, and I find that checking it off gives me a boost to keep going. Some days, there isn’t much more you can ask of yourself. Accepting where you’re at and remembering that you have gotten to where you want to be are helpful ways to reframe falling out of routine. It’s okay to be inconsistent. What’s most important is remembering that you are doing your best every day, and your persistence is going to get you where you need to go even if it doesn’t look perfect.

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