I really don't know what to do in this situation

I live with my boyfriend of 4+ years and my 2 roommates with our dogs. My dog is a seizure alert dog and he's also there to help me through panic attacks and things like that too and he's honestly saved my life in so many ways because I feel like he's one of the only reasons I'm still here. But anyway my 2 roommates are my problem because they've both tried to get me fired from at least 2 of my jobs, made up nasty rumors about me and my boyfriend when we've done nothing but let them live with us rent free and bill free for a few months now since neither one of them have had a job and now that they've got jobs they act like they aren't obligated to pay anything and the sad part is their money is going to illegal substances and its obvious because they are both acting so out of whack and I've noticed mine and my boyfriends things have been coming up missing quite a few times like we've searched for our missing things and it's not at all in our house at all its vanished. I've brought it to my boyfriends attention that we need to kick them out because they don't want to help us do anything in the house but make issues between me and my boyfriend worse and I just want to let go and break back into the person I fought so hard not to be or to just leave the situation and be by myself. I tried to move back in with my mom but she probably won't let me since I have a dog and she has cats, that and I can't move out to an apartment or any rental right now because I don't have a cent of money to my name. I really don't want to have to leave because I really do love my boyfriend and I care about him but I'm tired of the disrespectful things my roommates are doing to us even though he turns a blind eye to the stuff going on. they are even disrespectful to my dog and I honestly feel so angry and pretty much near a violent stage of anger that I do fear for how I can react... so what do I need to do?

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