For 2 weeks, going on three, I have severe constipation. In my whole life I had not very much constipation or diarrhea. I'm not dehydrated or malnourished. I drink lots of water, real juice, eat pretty healthy, eating more fruits and veg as of late, even have one cup of coffee in the am, fiber drink in the am, stool softener at max dose, had to resort to laxatives and when that didn't work, an enema. ( Ouch!) I even was prescribed a powder laxative and didn't work well. I'm still doing everything instead of fiber drink. Even got suppositorys if the enima doesn't work. idk what to do. I'm in pain on and off in my back and after I eat my stomach starts to hurt too. I see the doc again this week. Anyone have had this problem?

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  • Jeff54


    Gone thru many tests and procedures none help. Changed diet no help take lots of laxative and stool softener no help. Having a colonoscopy again they say it will help.have my doubts. But don’t have any idea how to help me. Tried pain meds no relief.

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