women with fibromyalgia... do you feel shoulder pain is worse or better without a bra? personally, I think I hurt less without one.

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  • GMaw



  • livvie361


    I hurt worse with one, but it can go the opposite because I have larger boobs

  • SJP


    I hurt worse either way 🤣 To clarify: With a bra, my 40 DD boobs are crushed funny, and makes breathing (even in a properly fit bra) less feasible. Without a bra, my shoulder joints tend to sublux more often because nothin is preventing them from hyperextension. So, six of one, half a dozen of the other for me (aka they're the same).

  • Mamabigbear


    I started to use a strapless and wireless bra. Love it. My shoulders have stopped hurting along with my neck.

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