How does everyone cope mentally with this diagnosis?


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  • Flapjackies


    If anyone knows, please message me too. Endo is exhausting

  • Xerces


    I'm not officially diagnosed yet, but it's in my family and I experience god awful pain each cycle and have so far summed it up to endo. I'm not diagnosed because I'm scared to be diagnosed. I don't want to know how it will affect me, you know? To cope, I spend a lot of time focusing on me and things that make me happy/comfortable. Baths, laying out in the sun (heat really helps me), increasing my water intake, and eliminating stress. If it's to a point where I am unable to walk without having a full melt down, I take the day off/work from home and do what I can to stay comfortable. My husband also plays a major role in my comfort and is there when I want/need him, or disappears to his game room when I want to be left alone. Just be there for yourself. Take care of you. 💜

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