Do any of you with SLE have orthopedic troubles? Every time I try to up my exercise or do something fun, I end up tearing something and need surgery. I have had five shoulder surgeries, three elbow, fingers, thumb, both Achilles’ tendons and my knees repaired over the last several years since my diagnosis. Just wondering if it’s related to SLE or something else.

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

Ocular torticollis

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  • TrixNY


    It might be MCTD as well as SLE? I have both and have been told my ortho issues are mctd related. I never broke a single bone before both diseases - but in one year broke three metatarsal bones in the same foot (different injuries), and a broken wrist, and not doing any major activity. I was told these were all due to MCTD. With SLE, that’s where I have trouble with workouts and inflammation. I used to do HIIT workouts and can’t even dream of them anymore. Anything beyond low impact and I blow up with inflammation like violet Beauregard.

  • gift


    Could be. I have sle but I try to listen to my body and no overdue it. I also take Vitamin D3 for calcium. Hope you feel better soon

  • DebzR



  • Sheeba


    I don't have sle. But I have had tons of trouble with orthopedic issues. I have had 29 surgeries through the clinic I go to since 2008. I have had six knee surgeries, six ankle surgeries, two foot surgeries, both shoulders, four hand surgeries, three wrist surgeries, a thumb arthroplasty, carpal tunnel release, and elbow surgery.

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