I just recently got diagnosed with sleep apnea and am struggling to get a CPAP - Any suggestions on what I can use/do while I wait for a machine during this shortage?

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  • tig21


    Wear the mask or what ever you are using for the machine as much as possible. You need to desensitized yourself to it. In other words wear it while you are watching TV. Or even wear it around the house. It might feel silly but it will help you get used to it faster. And don't hesitate to try different mask to see if that helps. And there are good youtube videos that helps as well. And talk to your doctor about your pressure if it feels like it's too much.

  • SassyMouth


    A bite guard. You can get them at Walmart. Won't make it completely better, but it'll help.

  • VJay


    I have no advice. I have been waiting to get one since I git diagnosed in February 2021. I moved, changed insurances 3 times since then so its been hard. I assume I might feel better when and if I can ever get one.

  • VJay


    Also I have sleep apnea and used to work in a sleep clinic so Im experienced in the home tests. Its more an insurance requirement.

  • Shelly


    I have been waiting for 6 months for my CPAP.

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