hey so I've been in biblical counseling since I was twelve but I've been hospitalized alot for high blood sugars and if it happens again I probably won't survive. my parents are now insisting that I go to an actual therapist that can prescribe pills for anxiety and depression so I have an appointment for the first week of June. but I really don't want to take yet another medication. thoughts?



Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • CoolCucumber


    Re meds: it takes time to accept you need meds but it’s a helpful reminder that it doesn’t have to be forever. U need them now to stabilize/restore equilibrium. Once u achieve that balance, u can discuss tapering off then with ur dr:)

  • Akemi


    It's hard to accept adding another medication sometimes. But if it can make you feel better then it will be well worth it.

  • BonBonthecoolkid


    You have to do what saves your life. It can be scary, but as someone who takes 8 different kinds of pills everyday, I certainly feel a lot better when I take all my medication

    • bokani


      I take about 15 different medications currently. 10 different vitamins..

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