So I’ve been diagnosed with asthma since I was 5 (I’m 21 now). I’ve broken a rib from coughing and have consistently had issues my entire life and nothing seems to help. I’m on a daily inhaler, singulair, and a bunch of other stuff but I’m still not getting better. Am I crazy for thinking it might be something other than Asthma? I once had a doctor who took me off gluten without explanation and it helped a decent amount so am I gluten intolerant? Do I have Celiacs disease? I go to some doctors and they say my breathing level is at a dangerous low, but then others say I sound fine. I have this cough that won’t go away and it constantly feels like my chest is on fire. I’m feeling hopeless and desperate. Please please help

Non-celiac gluten sensitivity



Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

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  • wise


    I was initially diagnosed with COPD when I was 20, and then a pulmonologist changed that dx to cough variant asthma. He stopped my COPD treatments and I started getting worse FAST. I'm the same, I'm on singular, multiple daily inhalers, and a bunch of rescue stuff and the occasional pred course. I know I need a new pulm and another PFT, because he never ordered another one and it's been almost four years. All I can recommend is getting a new pulmonologist, but if you find something that works let me know

  • bouncyroo11


    I suggest you look up histimine intolerance. I myself have similar problems I forgot to take antihistamines today and had a very hard time breathing. Histamines are in a lot of things you might be eating everyday.

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