OMG I just had a thought and I'm not even high lol
what if we like eating so much because it helps put our bodies into "rest and digest"/ Para sympathetic nervous system.
I'm guessing we all have anxiety and switching that off with food probably works pretty well right?

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  • Katharina


    I’ve actually never noticed consciously but it makes sense

    • Chesbro99


      I could be wrong. I just like the feeling of being full. Idk if it's related

  • RaeRae22


    There are studies on this and yes! When you eat you can trick your amygdala (not sure if that's spelled correctly). Essentially how it works is when you are scared your amygdala shuts down certain functions to keep us safe. Like hunger, the need to pee/poo, ect. So if you're eating then you must not be in danger thus overriding the amygdala Idk if I explained this well enough 😅 but yeah super cool.

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